What If There Was A Way to Bust Stress & Overwhelm Without Years of Talk Therapy, 
Unwanted Prescriptions, Expensive Vacations or a Total “Life Swap”?

"The Anxious Mind Makeover"
(Special Holiday Version)
Just $37

A 5 Day Virtual Workshop Moving You From Chaos to Calm
Unlocking Your Potential for Joy and Peace
December 6-10, 2021 (Registration Opens 11/29/21)

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You want to feel calm & more confident. Only problem is...                               
                                                   your brain has a mind of its own.

What I've seen is that there are 3 main roadblocks that are keeping you from claiming your inner peace and enjoying life…

Problem #1:

You have no idea how to shut off your mind and free yourself from negative thoughts. You’re at the mercy of your moods and emotions. Always feeling irritable, edgy, agitated, and even angry about what’s going on around you.

Problem #2:

You’re struggling to move on from your painful past.  You feel like you can’t let down your guard or something bad will happen.  You’re coping but not well & maybe even using food, alcohol, or electronics to distract & numb yourself.

Problem #3:

You feel frozen & trapped by your circumstances. You can’t sleep and you’re worried all the time but you can’t quit your job, end your relationship, divorce your parents, or “cancel” being mom. You’ve tried lots of things & nothing sticks.


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Let me help you get unstuck and start living life on your own terms!

Darla Meulemans, MA, QMHP-C, CADC III

I’m Darla Meulemans (pronounced mel-mens), and I help free people from the grips of their pasts, negative emotions and stress. I work with clients to create a roadmap to living life with more ease and enjoyment. I've spent 25+ years working with clients from all walks of life, and have found the keys to unlocking consistent, reliable, stable and sustainable mental & emotional wellbeing. My background in mental health, addiction behavior medicine, holistic healing and neuroscience has allowed me to bridge the gap that traditional therapy, and pharmaceuticals has missed. I help my clients take their goals, dreams and intentions and get their brain and body on board so they can take action and live the life they desire.

So if it feels like there are SO MANY THINGS working against you which are causing you to...

  1. Feel amped up, wired, tired, and spinning out just trying to manage it all


  2. You’re on edge, impatient & overly sensitive just trying to keep it together

And no matter how many self-help strategies you’ve tried to calm things down, you’re still either stressed out or zoned out & numb...

You Need 
The Anxious Mind Makeover

 Get to the Root - Change Your Brain and Change Your Life!

Here’s the truth; if you’re going to break free from emotional overload, then you’re going to have to learn some strategies that actually change the way your brain is wired.

In this 5 Day workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks needed to make your mind a better place to live
  • Mindset tools to bust through subconscious programs that take you off course  
  • Proven strategies based in neuroscience, and grounded in age-old healing remedies and energy medicine protocols
  • What it takes to build your Resilience Roadmap & create a pathway to sustainable mental and emotional wellbeing
  • NeuroHacks to shift the pathways in your brain & body, and better support your physical, mental and emotional health.

It doesn’t matter how many self-help books you read or blogs you subscribed to. Nor how many years of talk therapy you do or how many prescriptions you try.  


If you don’t know how to get at the underlying cause of your suffering, you’ll just keep struggling with the same miserable things. 

YOU NEED RESULTS NOW so let’s go get ‘em!

Calm and happy people seem to know how to navigate turmoil, weather the storms of life & keep stress levels down even during turbulent times (like a Pandemic). 

They are resilient and they have discovered these three keys: 

  • How to interrupt emergency mode and the stress response, setting themselves up for better mental, emotional and physical health;

  • How to rise above their painful pasts and rewrite their own stories in which they achieve their goals and meet with success; and

  • How to harness the power of the mind to calm their emotions & create forward momentum.

Once YOU have these ingredients nailed down, you’ll be well on your way to changing your brain and changing your life. 

Ready to say goodbye to stress and overwhelm and
 unlock your potential for joy and peace? LET'S DO THIS!

Here’s the truth:


are yours for the taking!


Or you could continue to suffer... Wait? What?! (record scratch)

Ready to actually enjoy your life, feel fulfilled, and be free from stress & anxiety?

I'm going to save you time and wasted money on things that don't work and only give you things that are proven effective. 

Once you have the basic ingredients nailed down, you'll be well on your way to building the happy, stress-free life you've always wanted.

So let’s do this.

A program to transform your inner world from chaos to calm, 

So you can be your Best Self.

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What’s inside The Anxious Mind Makeover?

This Workshop is designed to help you get crystal clear on the three most important ingredients in transforming anxiety:

  1. CATCH: Interrupting emergency mode & redirecting the patterns involved in the stress response;
  2. CANCEL: Navigating automatic negative thoughts, and mastering the mindset & self talk to keep attention and focus aligned with intention and desired outcome.
  3. CORRECT: Implementing proven effective strategies to rewire your nervous system and put you on the path to sustainable mental and emotional balance.

From identifying the physical, emotional, & mental patterns that make you go bonkers, to learning reliable strategies to interrupt & shift those pathways and lay down new tracks from the inside out, you’ll have your game plan locked in and ready to go. You'll finally stop overthinking, freaking out, spinning your wheels and feeling stuck and actually start feeling hopeful, energized, balanced and calm so you can live a happier life!

Here’s what you’re getting inside
The Anxious Mind Makeover:

5 Days of Live Training (Plus Bonus Days) to Take You

 From “Freaking Out" to "I've Got This"

Sessions Include:
3 Days of Teaching You The Mindset, Skillset and Reset Protocols to Restore Emotional Balance and Whole Brain Resilience


2 Sessions To Get You 100% Clear On
What It Takes to Stress-less

Plus, there will be opportunities for Q & A, to hear from others, AND by participating, you'll be entered into daily prize drawings and our Grand Prize drawing to win a "Stress Less Home Remedy Kit" Valued at $150.

Each day, I'll be going live via Zoom & streaming inside our Members-Only Facebook group.

I've taken the highs and lows of my own personal transformation,

Plus the thousands of hours of learning from leading experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and holistic healing,

Plus over 25 years of experience working with clients, and

I've distilled this into the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get you feeling better and moving forward in your life!

Day 1: The Key To Emotional Stability

Tired of playing the lead role in "A Day In The Life of Going Nuts”?

Not into morning meltdowns, mid day madness or the late night loonies? 

Ready to address one of the biggest obstacles my clients face?  

We'll be diving in to how to interrupt Emergency / Survival Mode and put a stop to anxiety, panic and shut down.  

This is where we'll start so you can learn how to hit the switch and get yourself back to feeling calm, cool and collected.  Tune in to Day 1 and get crystal clear on HOW you got wired into Survival Mode — and WHAT to do to calm things down and restore emotional balance.

Day 2: The Secret to Maximizing Your Personal Power

Ever feel at the mercy of your thoughts, moods and emotions?

This session is all about learning to harness the power of the mind and get your brain / biology on board with your inner desires and intentions.

Sound big? It is but it’s also really simple. We’re going to deep dive into the mental habits and programs that set up shop and get you hooked in a mindset that can make or break you. You’ll leave with the understanding and tools to shift the direction of your life.

Day 3: The Neural Code to Change Your Life

We know that the body keeps the score. Patterns get programmed into our physiology and our psychology that keep us locked in to certain ways of being that don't serve us. Sometimes these patterns are learned, sometimes inherited.  

In this session you'll learn how to develop "body literacy" and shift the way that your brain and body is wired and fires. You’ll walk away with one of the quickest and easiest resets so you never again feel like you are powerless to your emotions or your genetic code.

Day 4: Your Resilience Roadmap

Once you’ve got some tricks under your belt, you'll be on your way to creating a more peaceful future. But will this be enough to sustain you with what you’ve got going on in your life? 

In this session you'll learn the ins and outs of risk & protective factors and what you can do to be set up for success moving forward.

You'll know exactly what next steps will help you continue your journey of self discovery, personal growth, and healing.

Day 5: Awakening The Wisdom Within

I’m super excited about this session which you won’t want to miss. You're going to get to hear some amazing stories of personal transformations and what the key components were for helping these individuals tap into their inner wisdom.  Plus, my incredible team, will share some nuggets on how their specialized training and experience supports people on their journey to emotional freedom.

Rachel Lundberg, ERYT 500, YACEP, ABYS L2

You’ll get to hear from Rachel Lundberg, our team’s “InBodyWise Yoga™ & Intuitive Guide''. Rachel brings over 30 years of experience in body movement, dance, and yoga to her work. Through her own recovery from chronic stress and illness, Rachel is passionate about guiding those she works with into the wisdom they hold inside of their own bodies, unlocking their innate healing and personal alignment. Rachel is the Founder of the Lundberg Yoga School, training yoga teachers at the 200 and 300 hour level, the Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ (ABYS) Certification, and her own virtual yoga and movement studio, YogaOAK (Yoga of Alignment Kollective). Deepening into the senses through breath, movement, and sound, Rachel will guide you into a deeper and fuller relationship with yourself.

Jennifer Trepanier, MS

You’ll also get to be inspired by Jennifer Trepanier, our team’s Passion Pro and Personal Inspiration Guide, who lives by two mantras: Within darkness there is Light and joy heals. Jen has taken her own personal experience navigating chronic illness and facing death and channeled it into helping people reacquaint themselves with their passion and life force. Her mind, body, spirit approach helps her clients move beyond limiting subconscious beliefs that unintentionally create blocks. She is especially attuned to using guided imagery to heal on a somatic (body) level. Jen has a Master’s degree in Psychophysiology & runs a private coaching practice called Wells of Wisdom, as well as a non-profit called Pile of Puppies, which brings “joy healings” to chronically and terminally ill children by surrounding them with a pile of pups. Jen is a contributing author to Spirit of a Woman, a collection of real life stories that celebrate women living spiritual lives in challenging circumstances.

During the workshop, you’ll have

Full Access to our Private Facebook Group
With Support from Our Guides

Offering Support and Accountability

Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. Watch the live stream catch the replays, post your homework, connect with other participants, and get feedback as you nail down your plan for kicking anxiety to the curb. 

Not on Facebook? No worries. You’ll also get links to the recordings and homework via email and you can submit a question anytime during the workshop.

Plus, your engagement = an entry into our daily giveaway and a chance to win the Grand Prize Stress-Less Kit!

When you sign up for The Anxious Mind Makeover, you'll get...

  • 5 days of live training & support plus bonus sessions - taking you from survive to thrive, reducing anxiety and putting you back in the driver's seat.
  • Access to our Members Only Training Portal - this is where you can catch the session Playbacks & access any additional training materials
  • The Mindset Makeover Companion Workbook with simple ways to reduce stress and reset your nervous system for more joy and ease.
  • Access to the private Facebook Group where I'll be answering questions, offering support along with my team, and giving away cool prizes daily.


Option to Upgrade to Include Exclusive VIP Sessions with Opportunities for  1:1 Solution Seats

BONUS:  Quick Tips for Restoring Emotional Balance Pdf 

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other Makeover Members.

  • I’ve tried so many things to calm down and nothing seems to stick. Do you think this will help me?

    Totally! This workshop is designed to take a deep dive into strategies that are grounded in neuroscience - moving way beyond the simple stress reduction strategies you can read about and listen to on an App. No matter where you are in your journey, self education and personal development tools that are proven work are crucial.

  • Where is this workshop happening?

    It's all going down in Zoom and will be streamed live inside my private Facebook group!

  • Will this help me be less anxious?

    For sure, friend! I'm sharing the same strategies I’ve used with clients who have been able to experience freedom and hope for the first time in years. This is considered coaching and not to be taken as medical advice. All participants should follow the care of their mental health and medical providers, continuing therapy and medication as prescribed.

  • Will I be able to ask Darla questions?

    You bet! I'll be teaching live each day and will take as many questions as I can throughout the workshop. I'll also be hosting a bonus Q&A session!

  • What if I can’t make it live?

    Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with access to the call recordings, so you can watch throughout the week whenever is best for you. However, I’ll be rocking and rolling and knocking out your limiting habits and maybe even doing some “solution seats”, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your health now, when will you?

Hi, I’m Darla — Your Workshop Host

I own & operate Mind Potential Northwest, in Portland, Oregon where up until 2020, I only offered 1:1 Personal Development & Neurofeedback Training to clients from my local community, and occasionally via telehealth consultation. But then the world came to a screeching halt and I knew it was time to pivot.

I needed a way to continue to support my clients while keeping everyone safe from potential exposure to the coronavirus. I had already been contemplating how to extend my reach beyond the Pacific Northwest, but this international crisis pressed me to take action to address the growing need for mental health services across the globe.

I founded Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs in July, 2020 and haven’t looked back.  My focus has been on pulling out the gems and key transformational elements from all my years of training, personal and professional development, and mentoring with key leaders and renowned experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, attachment, trauma, addiction, nutrition, energy medicine and shamanic healing. 

I knew I needed to offer something powerful & pivotal that went beyond what was available with traditional talk therapy, stress reduction strategies and pharmacological interventions.  Let’s face it, breaking free from the grips of trauma, adversity and chronic stress needs something equally as powerful in the positive opposite direction. That’s why all of my programs combine cutting-edge neuroscience with practical, natural remedies and the timeless wisdom of the ages. This allows my clients to move beyond emotional overload to finding resolve from their painful pasts, and learning strategies that actually change the way their brain is wired.

I’m excited to offer some of the most practical, at-home strategies to you, so you can build your own roadmap to sustainable mental and emotional health. I look forward to you joining my other clients in healing from a painful past, getting the brain and body aligned with your intentions, and taking action as you create the life you’ve always wanted. 

Can't make it to the party?  No worries - catch the next one!

(Dates subject to change)

February 7-11, 2022

April 11-15, 2022